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Teaching your kids to do chores at a young age helps them develop responsibility and life long habits. Chores do not have to be boring and tedious. Make a list of chores and ask your kids which ones they would like to do. If two kids want to do the same chore, you can let them pair up and complete the chore together. This teaches them how to be a good team player! You can also motivate your kids with a chore/sticker chart or a special reward at the end of the week. Kids are more willing to work hard if they are working towards something. Here is a list of age appropriate chores:

Hello everybody! We are starting a series of blogs called Back to the Basics. Parenting is complicated as it is, so our focus is to keep our tips and tricks as simple as can be. We are excited to get back to the basics of parenting and hope you are too! Today we are going to list simple things you can do to bond with your kids. Our culture sometimes exaggerates on how we should bond with our kids. No, we don’t always need to take them to an amusement park or to the movies to spend time with them. Don’t get us wrong, those are both awesome things to do with your kids but it doesn’t have to be the “only” way we can bond with our kids. Below is a list of simple things you can do with your kids!

Have you or your kids ever tried building something with marshmallows and toothpicks? This activity is the same thing except you build with apples not marshmallows. Supplies needed include apples, toothpicks, knife and a paper/plastic plate. The apples will be easier to build with if you cut them into smaller pieces. Give your kids a pile of apples and toothpicks and let them create their own masterpiece! After they have some time to experiment, you can challenge them to make certain objects. Challenges may include animals, houses, people, vehicles, buildings, boats, planes, etc…Try to step back and let your kids do all the building and creating. This activity helps your kids build their self-esteem, hand-eye coordination, and promotes a higher level of thinking.

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An initiative of the Dekko Foundation

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