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Everyone guides the children in their life with their own flavor. We have tips and tricks to help every parent, grandparent, and caregiver enrich children's lives and empower their development. Click the button below and choose your parenting style to learn more about how you can incorporate teachable moments into everyday life.


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Timely tips for engaging your child in enriching experiences.

Types of Development

Want to teach your child? Yes! Know where to begin? Not a clue! 
Then let's start simply. Children's learning is separated into five areas:


Remember that your child is super sensitive to the emotional environment in your family.


You teach your child how to get along with people through everything you say and do.


Babies and children learn about the world, and the things around them, by moving.


Spiritual growth is about children growing in their understanding of how they’re
connected with the world around them.


Children are naturally wired to learn. These little sponges learn all the time from everything that happens around them.

Whole Child

The experiences your child has in one area impact her growth in all of the other areas.


 At Before5, we are passionate about helping you understand how your child grows and develops – especially in the first five years, which is when the really important learning happens.

An initiative of the Dekko Foundation

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