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Go-Go Grandparent

“Whoa! Wait a minute. My kids were babies just a couple of years ago, how can I POSSIBLY be a grandparent? But I am, and I’m PROUD! And want to do everything I can to make sure that my precious grandchildren succeed in life!”


If you were lucky enough to have grandparents yourself, you’ll know that grandparents have one thing that parents always seem a little short on—TIME! If you are willing to give your grandchildren the gift of your time you’ll hardly need to do anything else.

When you’re cooking, get a safe step stool and let your grandson help. Don’t pretend to let him help. Let him help. There’s a difference and he can tell. Little hands can stir cool liquids. They can wash dishes. If you’re not fussy about how the result looks, they can help make sandwiches. If you take time to teach them, you’ll be amazed at what your grandchildren can accomplish.

Share some of YOUR childhood with your grandchild. Remember fun (age-appropriate) things that your grandpa said to you? Revive them and share them with your grandchild.

When you haven’t seen her for a while you might say: “I haven’t seen you in a coon’s age.” Leaving for a road trip? Say: “We’re off, like a dirty old shirt!” Don’t forget to tell your grandchildren fun and loving things about your grandparents.

If you need to wash the car on a summer day, bring your granddaughter out to the driveway with you! Water hoses have a magnetic attraction for children. Give her some soap and a sponge just like yours. Some of the some may actually get onto the car! You’ll both have a warm, wet, wonderful time.

When you’re in the car, sing along with the radio. Tune into your favorite oldies station and let ‘er rip. Your grandchildren might think you’re a little crazy, but they’ll love you. And you’ll give them enough warm memories to last a lifetime.


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An initiative of the Dekko Foundation

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