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Wrap It Up

Wrap It Up

Ages 2.5-5 years

Get Ready:  Gather some empty boxes, wrapping paper, child safety scissors and scotch tape.

Get Set:  Sit at a table or on the floor, lay the items out and encourage your child to begin covering the boxes with paper, applying tape.

Sit back and Watch Your Child Go:  With younger children you may want to cut the paper to size ahead of time and help your child with dispensing the tape.  Wrapping involves the use of small motor muscles, use of both hands to complete a task, and eye hand coordination.  It also involves problem solving, attention and concentration.

Want to amp up the learning?  Talk to your child about gift giving, why we give gifts, who we give gifts to. With older children you may want to ask deeper questions that get them thinking – How do you choose what gift to give?  Who is the hardest person to buy a gift for?  What’s the best gift you ever got?  How do you feel when you give someone a gift?  

Get Creative:  Make your own wrapping paper by printing paper with paint and cookie cutters.  Add small toys or other items to the wrapping frenzy.  

As your child grows: Encourage your child to measure their own paper for the size of box and use the child safety scissors to cut the paper.  Include your child in wrapping real presents for friends and family.  Acknowledge his effort and giving attitude.   This activity increases independence, self-confidence and self-esteem and build family rituals.

Your child will love: the hands-on big work, being creative and thinking of others while they work.  He will love that his work is appreciated!

You will love:  watching your child grow in his physical, intellectual and social/emotional development 


 At Before5, we are passionate about helping you understand how your child grows and develops – especially in the first five years, which is when the really important learning happens.

An initiative of the Dekko Foundation

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